Stay kreative

The Art of Kreation is a graphic design company based out of Philadelphia, PA. Started in 2016 by princepal designer Turquoise Farries who believes everyone should have access to professional graphic design services that expresses their personality and brand. The Art of Kreation offers graphic design, print & digital services. 

aLL Roads...

With a professional background in business, non profit and event design... it seemes that all roads lead to The Art of Kreation. Known for her love of minimal with a touch of luxury and black & white; yet with a lively personality Turquoise is overjoyed in creating graphic designs and professional branding for her clients. 

The life of a graphic design is filled with lots of color, being a business owner is a journey ,a good chit chat among friends is always needed & fashion is a must... subscribce to The Art of Kreation 
Youtube Channel: Her Kreative Life. 


The Art of Kreation podcast explores branding in-depth and under five minutes. 

Each podcast gives vivid explanation into branding that goes beyond logo design, time management and color theory; with plenty of laughs and story times in between. 


Podcast available on all major listening platforms.